Forum Title: How to stop a running toilet?
How to stop a running toilet?
Category: Septic Tank Cleaning Post By: Sarah John (Lubbock, TX), 12/09/2016

Well, if you hear that your toilet is running long after you flush it, then it is a symptom of leak. Check the flapper, which is a rubber valve located at the bottom of the tank. It should close properly when you are not flushing. Also check the chain to the flapper. If it is tangled, then it could also be the souce of leak. Lastly check the float. The roundish float sits at the end of a metal rod. You can adjust the level of water in the tank with it. It should be within an inch of the top of the overflow tube. If none of these works, call a plumber.

- Ron Simon (Plano, TX), 12/13/2016

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