Sump Pump Battery Backup

A house that suffers even small scale flooding of the basement or crawl space should have a sump pump. Wet basements and crawl spaces can do irretrievable damage to your house. Your house will get infested with mold and mildew and be an unhealthy place to live in. The structure of the house will also deteriorate as the wooden structures will be affected due to moisture. The resale value of the house will come down. A sum pump is an electrical pump that is fitted in a pit at the lowest point of the basement. This is to allow the water to flow naturally towards the pit. The job of this pump is to pump out the water when it reaches a pre-set level. Sump pumps are quite a smart solution for basement flooding. But they have one serious lacuna. That is they cannot operate in the event of a black out. Ironically, rainstorms often knock out electricity, leaving many sump pumps inoperable when their services are needed the most.
Therefore it is wise to buy a sump pump that has a battery backup. This will ensure that the pump continues to do its job of pumping the water out even when the whole house is completely dark because of a power outrage. During normal time, the electric pump will pump out the water from your basement. But if the electricity goes out, the backup pump powered by a marine battery will automatically start up when the pit fills with water. The back-up unit is charged with an electric charger that keeps it ready at all times. Sump pumps with battery backup usually cost between $300 and $500, depending on the capacity of the pump. Installing it is a DYI project that will not take more than a couple of hours.
Tips to install a sump pump with battery back up

• It is a good idea to install a check valve in the riser of your sump pump so that the water does not flow back into the pit once the pump is shut off.

• Place the marine battery in a protective plastic casing and keep it on a shelf mounted on the wall. Do not keep the battery on the floor.

• The water discharge PVC pipe should be 1 1/2-inch in diameter.

• Always ensure that you have an electric outlet close to the pump to power both the pumps and also to plug in the charger. Don’t depend on an extension cords to power the system.

• The water that is discharged from the house should be disposed at a considerable distance from the house. It should flow downhill so that is does not back flow.
How to buy a sump pump with battery backup?

• When buying a sump pump with battery backup you have option to choose form two types of batteries- a marine battery, and also the lately evolved AGM batteries. Deep cycle marine battery needs lots of maintenance and adding water. The other type does not require adding water and also have a 50% longer run time for their size. They also last for 5 to 7 years.

• When choosing the body of the pump, you can buy either a plastic or cast iron one. The latter is of course the better.
• As for capacity of the pump, on an average they come with minimal output of 35 to 60 gallons per minute. Your pump should be of this capacity or more than this.

• There are two standard types of backup pumps: AC/DC pumps and DC only pumps. The former, of course have an edge over the other. It can run on the current that you get from the grid as well as on the battery; the latter cannot work on wall current. So it would last as long as the battery lasts.
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