Slop Sink

Slop sinks seems to be a useful feature in your kitchen. This is because if you have invested in a stylish kitchen sink, it is obvious that you will not like to clean paint brushes or muddy clothes in it. For that you will require a different kind of sink and this is where slop sinks are greatly useful. Slop sinks or utility sinks are used for cleaning of things that can have stubborn dirt or paint which might alter the color of your kitchen sink. To put it simply, slop sinks are a lot sturdier than the common sinks which are used in the kitchen.
Slop sinks are used both for industrial as well as residential purposes. In an industrial structure, usually a slop sink is found in the janitor’s room or in the maintenance area. On the contrary, when it comes to slop sinks in the residential structures you will be able to find them in the kitchen, the basement, the garage, the backyard or the laundry room. There is no reason to think that these slop sinks are a new concept. This is because slop sinks have been in use from the time internal plumbing has been introduced. Usually, in the early days these sinks were made of cast iron with glazed porcelain or an earthenware finish.
As far as the characteristics of the slop sinks or the utility sinks are concerned, it has been seen that they are set on the wall but at a height that is considerably lower than the traditional sinks. One of the reasons as to why they are installed at a lower height is to facilitate the lifting a full scrub pail to and from the slop sink. Slop sinks of recent times are made of fiberglass, plastic or even stainless steel. However, like other sinks even slop sinks have a faucet and a drain associated with it.

It has already been mentioned that slop sinks have both residential as well as commercial uses. In industries slop sinks may be used to fill the scrub pail and empty the dirty water. But in residences these slop sinks are largely useful. For example, they can be used for the soaking of blankets, comforters or curtains. Similarly, slop sinks can be a good place for the washing of gardening tools muddy boots, or paint brushes.
It needs to be mentioned here that a slop sink should always be fitted with a strainer so that scrub brushes, small cleaning tools, or bars of soaps do not go down the drain. However, along with numerous benefits like usefulness, and convenience of washing large objects that is associated with slop sinks, they are some disadvantages as well. For example, slop sinks require extra space so you might require a larger laundry space. Similarly, for the installation of slop sinks one might need some extra plumbing work which in turn might lead to higher plumbing costs.

Last but not the least, you should install slop sink only when you really need it.
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