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As a toiling day at work draws at its end, you pack up your things with the car keys in your hand desperate reach home for a hot/cold shower(according to the weather) to throw off the sweat and grit that a have accumulated on the body. Shower room in the house have a pivotal importance as they just don’t clean your body but also burst your physical and mental stress. Most people are willing to invest to make their shower room a transcendent one. Showering experience depends a lot on the type of shower faucets you have. Some users prefer a high pressure of water on their skin to relax; they can have shower heads where water pressure can be adjusted to their liking. Similarly there can be multiple shower faucets that add luxury and function to your bathroom, as well. Let’s take a look at the top models in shower faucets-
Types of Shower Faucet:

• Fixed shower heads: These are most old and traditional types in shower- heads. The faucet is fixed with the plumbing fixture that is usually at a standard height from the ground to allow the tallest person to get under it. The knob of the shower is usually at a height of three feet to allow a child as well as an adult to reach it. The fixed shower heads do not need any additional hardware for installation. The user has to set him at a fixed place under the shower head to have bath.
• Shower handsets: Here the faucet is attached to the hose. You can take the faucet in your hand and turn the knob on and take the faucet to various parts of the body for a bath. It allows you certain mobility when taking shower. If you are really not willing to carry the faucet in your hand, it can also be mounted just like a fixed shower head for a take bath.

• Ceiling-mounted faucets: These are so called rain-drop shower heads. They are mounted in your shower ceiling. The water falls on you from above and feels like getting drenched in rain.

• Shower panels: These are wall mounted panel that have many features. They feature body sprays, massaging jets dot the panel, shower head, and shower wand. They are mainly installed in walk-in showers. But you need to have ample space in your bathroom to install them.
• Adjustable shower heads: Adjustable shower faucets come with multiple features such as high-pressure and pulsating massage settings. You can customize the water flow and spray pattern to suit your preferences. The shower heads have adjustable arms; their height and angle can also be customized according to the convenience of the user and locked.
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