Roman Tub Faucet

There is no denying the fact that all of you just love that relaxing bath in your tub for hours. But to make that bath completely enjoyable without any hassles it is important that you have a perfect faucet attached to your bath tub. As far as Roman tub faucets are concerned there are several options available. In fact, Roman tub faucet comes in distinctive style which will match almost all bathroom styles. From the many Roman tub faucets available, you will have to choose the one that perfectly matches your taste and budget. So whether you are looking at a traditional style or the one which has a more contemporary look it is recommended that you research well before buying your Roman tub faucet.
When you are buying your Roman tub faucet there are certain things that you will have to keep in mind. First of all, you ought to consider how fast the tub fills that is you need to take into account the flow rate of the faucet. However, tub faucets do not have aerators and so the flow rate is controlled by valves which are usually located in the wall or under the deck. You must try to find how many gallons of water a tub can hold? This will give you an overall idea of the flow rate of the faucet.
Similarly, in order to determine the flow rate it is also important that you take into account the pipe size and PSI of your water pressure. It is recommended that you get a ¾ inch pipe for a higher flow of water.

When you think of installing a Roman tub faucet, try to decide whether you would like a single handle or two handles to control the hot and cold water. In case you have adults or children at your house, it is better that you opt for a single handle temperature control for your water. It is more convenient.

As far as the purchase of Roman tub faucet is concerned always keep in mind that quality plays an important role. Hence, it is better to buy a faucet that has an all brass body when compared to the one that is either brass or chrome plated.
Similarly, it is recommended that you go with the flow of the bathroom style when you are buying a Roman tub faucet. Hence, if you have a bathroom that has a vintage look you cannot opt for a Roman tub faucet that is ultra modern in style and design and vice versa.

Similarly, taking into consideration the finishes of the Roman tub faucets is also imperative. So you should also keep in mind the finishes of the other fixtures in the bathroom like the towel rods or the sink faucet and others so that your Roman tub faucet can be synchronized accordingly.
As far as the prices of Roman tub faucets are considered they are available in different ranges, some have a lower price while there are many which belong to the higher price bracket. So you can choose a faucet that is within your budget.
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