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There is no denying the fact that plumbing problems are every house owner’s worst nightmare. We have a tendency to turn a blind eye to our plumbing issues till we are badly into it. However, experts are of the opinion that plumbing problems need to be attended immediately before it causes a serious problem. In fact, if you make delays in taking action about a plumbing problem you could land up in a real messy problem. Another factor that ought to be mentioned here is that when you are buying new homes always check the plumbing plan of the property. A good plumbing plan can help you stay away from a lot of unnecessary plumbing issues in the future.
It is true that certain plumbing issues are quite common for almost every household but a regular plumbing maintenance activity by the homeowner as well as by professional plumbers can take you a long way. It will help you detect plumbing problems at an early stage so that you do not end up in a messy plumbing problem. Whether the plumbing problem can be fixed by a homeowner or it requires professional intervention it is important that you have an idea of the common plumbing problems that are faced by residences.
Blocked toilets are one of the scariest residential plumbing problems. When toilets are clogged they send back water into the bowl or on to the floor. When such an issue is noticed, the best option is to turn off the water supply as soon as possible.

Clogged drains in a home could also be quite an irritating problem. Clogged drains happen when large objects get stuck while getting flushed out. The result is that drains get clogged and water refuses to drain properly. However, there is no reason to worry as a clogged drain can be cleared with the help of a plunger.

Leaking sinks is another annoying plumbing problem that is often faced by homeowners. When you have a leaky sink it not only means wastage of water but also it indicates a rising water bill. However, with a little effort you will be able to fix this problem. You might have to replace a worn out washer or remove the gunk in the pipe.
It is natural that homeowners have experienced running toilets at some point of time or the other. When the toilet continues to run even after it has been flushed it is known as running toilet. The cause of running toilet is when the flapper valve inside the tank allows the water to pass from the tank to the toilet bowl. This happens when the float is imbalanced or the fill tube has become loose.

Weak water pressure is another such problem that can be quite frustrating for the homeowners. It may happen due to lime scale build up. However, this problem can be easily solved.
Lastly, when you are calling a plumber to fix your plumbing problem make sure that you are calling a good one. It is recommended that you check the relevant license of the plumber and you can also make calls to the former clients of the plumber so that you get to know about their quality of service.
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