Pot Filler Faucet

Before we get into the details of a pot filler faucet, the first thing that we need to know what is a pot filler faucet? Pot filler faucet is nothing but is a swing out faucet on a long jointed arm, mounted over the stove. As far as pot filler faucet is considered one should keep in mind that the location of the faucet is very critical. If the faucet position is not correct it might end up being too low or too high and may not be a proper fit right against the wall. However, it is recommended that when you are installing a pot filler faucet you should keep in mind the height of your cook-top and the height of your tallest pot as well.

If you have to decide whether a pot filler faucet is a great choice for your kitchen or not it is important that you have a fair idea about the advantages as well as the disadvantages of this kind of faucet. In fact, pot filler faucet is something that many chefs dream of having in their kitchen.
First of all a pot filler faucet reduces strain on the body. This is because carrying a big pot filled with water from the kitchen sink to the stove could be quite a difficult task. Instead if the pot gets filled while it sits on the gas stove and you are spared from carrying a heavy load and at the same time your purpose gets fulfilled. Similarly, pot filler faucet also prevents wastage of water. This is because transporting a big pot filled with water could mean splashing out of some water while carrying it from the sink to the stove.
With a pot filler faucet you can expect to save time in your otherwise busy kitchen. For example, when you are filling a pot under a pot filler faucet at the same time you will be able to wash your vegetables or fill another pot at the sink faucet. This way you are able to multitask in the most effective way.

A pot filler faucet adds a touch of elegance to your kitchen. Just like many other appliances that not only utility but beauty to your kitchen, in the same way a pot filler faucet makes your kitchen look classy and also sends out the message loud and clear that you are serious about cooking.

However, there are certain problems associated with pot filler faucets as well. For instance, the installation of a pot filler faucet is task only of an experienced plumber because even a little mistake in the installation and cause lot of problem. Always keep in mind that the position of the pot filler faucet is highly critical.
Another problem associated with a pot filler faucet is leak dangers. In case a pot filler faucet starts leaking it is an issue that needs to be addressed immediately because if that is not the case water will damage your stove, the wall, and the floor. On the other hand, if the leak is in the faucet above the sink, you have the luxury of not attending to it immediately.
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