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Bathrooms hold a special position in house as they are just not spots where you go for a day’s wash. They can be called your household spa. You relax as drops from the shower touches you skin or you soak yourself in lukewarm water in the tub. So it is worth to add some luxurious touches to your bathroom. Modern bathroom are found to be equipped with fireplaces, walled fish tanks, Jacuzzi, personal saunas as well as vanity dressers with sinks. However these features are sometimes outside your price range. But here we will take a look at some of the features that modern bathrooms should have. Remember it should be designed around your requirements and have elements of personalization as well.
• Walk-in-shower is a great option if you have a small bathroom. A walk-in-shower will render contemporary look to your bathroom. It will add extra space in the showering area. You will not hit your elbows against the walls while taking shower. It will render a stylish and sleek get-up to your bathroom.
• You can install thermostatic showers regardless the amount of space you have in your bathroom. They will add an extra dimension to your day-to-day showering experience. These showers are flitted with thermostats where you set a temperature of water you need from the shower. The shower will maintain the water temperatures and spare you from fluctuating water temperatures and scalding water. Other shower features are mixers, touchscreen-operated showers, double showers etc. All these give users more control over the flow, mix and temperature of water.

• LED lights in bathroom tiles can add a personalized touch to your bathroom. You can install a few LED lights in you tiles as well as door handles. It will bring a start-like quality to your bathroom. You can highlight the features of your bathroom with the LEDs in tiles.
• Underfloor heating is a great comfort feature to avoid cold floors after stepping out of the warm bathtub. This will keep you way from shock of ice-cold bathroom floors in the morning when you come out of the blanket. Your bathroom will stay warm round-the-clock. The warmth that comes from the floor allows the bathroom to dry out quickly and effectively. This prevents molds and mildew from growing in your bathroom. It also does not occupy the space that is taken by a traditional heating system.
• Heated mirrors are specially meant for men. Most men shave after finishing their shower. The steam from the shower often creates a layer of mist over the mirror which makes it difficult to look through. Of course the usual solution is to wipe it with towel but a more user-friendly option is to install a heated mirror. There is a warm pad present behind the mirror that heats it up to demist the mirror.

Some more luxurious bathroom features

Modern luxurious bathrooms are infused with calming vibes. To get that look and feel you can use natural stones and wood-like tiles in your bathroom. Keeping potted plants in the bathroom will add to its natural beauty. If you feel keeping potted plants will make the space shabby and clumsy, you can also go for a vertical garden that is made on one of the walls. According to designer McClelland, “I know some of us have been scared off indoor plants … but it’s time to reclaim the idea of indoor plants with cascading creepers that can dress any bathroom”.

Buy a freestanding bathtub that is in vogue these days. The striking, sculptural design features of these tubs set the mood for relaxation. However, buy a model that suits your bathroom’s look and space.

If your bathroom is cramped but it is attached or close to your bed room, then you can have an open-plan bedroom and bathroom. The partition between the bathroom and bedroom would be removed. You can see beautiful basins, custom vanities, and freestanding baths from the bedroom. A sliding door can be placed between the rooms to shut off the space when required.
You can add geometric tiles that spice up the look of a plain, neutral space. Grey tones with white cuts as bathroom color are also becoming popular. As a green move you can buy fittings and vanities for you bathroom that are made from recycled materials.

To add more functionality to your bathroom you can have a big sink surrounded by quartz counter top, single-hole motion activated faucet, and dual flush toilets.
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