Leaking Water Heater

It is obvious that no-one will like to get up to a leaking water heater. In fact, leaking water heater can be more than just inconvenience; it can lead to serious consequences if left unattended. Hence, it is important that proper action is taken at the right time so that a small leak in the water heater does not become an emergency situation. However, the moment you notice a tank leaking from the bottom, there is no reason to think that it is time to replace the water heater. Rather, a better approach would be to find out the cause of the leak and determine whether it can be fixed with or without professional help.
There are certain leaks of the water heater that will be obviously visible while there will be some which will be more subtle. Hence, you need to be aware of the signs that tell you whether your water heater is leaking or not.

It could be that the pilot light of the water heater is put off. This means that the leak is preventing the heater from heating the water again. The cause of such a leak could be excessive pressure of water. When such a thing happens and the pressure exceeds the safety limits it is recommended that one should get in touch with a professional plumber.
You should have a look at the size of the puddle of water under the water heater. This could determine the severity of the leak.

When you realize that there is a leaking water heater the first thing that you ought to do is turn off the gas control valve in case you have a gas water heater and if you have an electric water heater it is important that you shut off the power. It is necessary to shut off the power of the water heater so that you can prevent the occurrence of potential dangers from water heater leaks.

It is important to attend water heater leaks as soon as possible because if left unattended it could pose serious threats to a household. Besides the causing of a flood in the house, it could lead to far deadlier consequences like the explosion of the unit. Hence, it is recommended that you take action at the right time when you realize that there is a water heater leak.
However, you must be thinking what the reasons of a leaking water heater are. The water heaters are built with a glass-lines storage tank. With usage over time natural minerals in the water can calcify and create deposits on the inside of the tank. These deposits can crack the gas lining and cause the water heater to leak. Moreover, as water is heated it expands and creates pressure on the glass-lines inside the water heater. The result is that a leak develops in the water heater.
Last but not the least, whenever you feel that there is a leakage in a water heater it is recommended that you get in touch with an expert plumber so that the issue can be addressed rightly.
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