How To Unclog A Drain

A not-running drain in the bathroom or kitchen brings our day-to-day chores to standstill. No matter how busy y you are in other work, you drop it and rush to fix the issue. A nonworking drain floods the floor, makes the area stinky. and also renders your kitchen or bathroom completely useless.

Here are some tips to unclog a drain-
Boiling Water

Let’s begin with a mild blockage. If you feel that your drain is running slowly, you can simply pour hot and scalding water through it. Remember, if you have solid blockage that has been formed due to grease along with other food scrap, then such a bottleneck is not supposed to succumb to boiling water. Only a milder blockage can be removed with this. But in this context it should kept in mind that if you have PVC pipes then do not throw hot water into it. The joints can melt. It works best on metallic pipes.
A homemade concoction of drain cleaner

Chemical drain cleaners from various brands are easily available in the market. But a professional would suggest that these should be your last resort. This is because these chemicals when being used give out fumes that can affect the user as well as the other members of the family. Even after the cleaner has been flushed down the drain, the fume takes time to settle down. The chemical reaches the septic system and can affect it; it can also make its way into the marine system and can disturb its ecosystem.

There is a homemade recipe of drain cleaner which is quite simple and easy to make. All you need are baking soda and vinegar. Take half-cup of baking soda and pour it into the drain. Ensure it reaches as far down the drain as is possible. Now, add half of the vinegar. This will cause fizz and bubble. Close the drain with stopper so that the reaction happens inside the drain to be effective. Once the fizz subsides, add the rest of the vinegar. Allow a standing time of half an hour and flush with water

Plungers are commonly available in houses. They are quite effective sometimes. Most houses have cup-like plungers that are not very effective. Buy those that have spiral heads. This will force the water and air down the drain to unclog it. You can also create a sealing effect by putting a strip of duct tape on top of the overflow drain. An empty juice or milk carton can also be inserted upside down over the drain and squeezed to send a jet of air right down the drain.
Build or Buy a Drain Snake

You can also use a drain snake. It is a slender and flexible auger. The drain snake has a handle at one side and a wire with screw tip at the other. You have to grip the handle and push the other end inside the drain. Initially you will need to exert pressure to insert through the bend, just under your toilet bowl. But thereafter it will go smoothly until it meets the clog. The tip gets inside the clog. Now you will need to twist the auger to break the clog which will get flushed with water. Or the auger can pull the clog out from the drain. You have to twist the auger till you feel that it is almost moving freely in your drain.
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