Causes Of Noisy Pipes

Rattling noise that comes from pipes is a very irritating one. It can be caused due to many factors. But before looking at those let’s learn what is water hammer. When you open the faucet, water gushes at full force down the pipes. When you close the faucet, the flow of water comes to an abrupt halt. Suddenly and unexpectedly, the water finds a closed valve where there was an escape point just a moment before. It stops with a thud, which is a deafening noise that will reverberate in the whole house. This sound is called the water hammer. The hammering action is capable of damaging joints and connections in the pipe. As a result the energy of water has to dissipate somewhere. That is why in the wall behind each hot and cold faucet is an air chamber in the pipe. This is actually a vertical riser of about 10 inches. When the water is stopped it would push up this vertical pipe where it would meet a cushion of air. Now let’s find out what cause noisy pipes-
• Air cushion is lost: Over the years, the air cushion in the vertical riser is lost. However this can be restored by draining water through the faucets and refilling pipes again. The air will rise with water again and prevent the water hammer. Water hammer is also caused when a pipe-mounting strap is loose. These straps are tape or the vinyl-coated nail-in hooks and hangers that secure the pipes to framing. A loose pipe will vibrate against the framing members and cause a rattling sound.
• Expanding pipes: This will happen only after you run hot water through the faucet. The copper pipes expand when hot water passes through them. This causes them to rub against a stud, joist or support bracket.

• Lose pipe inner the house: Sometimes loose pipe under the house also causes this noise. These are generally drain pipes that suspend from floor joists. When water is flushed, the lose pipe causes a rattling effect.

• Worn washer in the faucet: Sometimes a worn out washer in a faucet or valve can also cause squealing noise. Call a plumber to change them to resolve the problem.
• A faulty main shut-off valve and pressure regulator. Both of these can cause a squeal that would rise and resonate throughout the house. Call a plumber who would turn off the water at the street valve first and then replace or repair the main house valve. If water coming from municipality has a high pressure it can also case banging pipes. In that case you have to adjust the water pressure regulator. This is generally located where the main water supply enters the home. The noise could be caused if the water pressure regulator is in the reducer's manifold. If you do not have a pressure regular get one installed. Although it is a costly investment it is worth in the long run. High water pressure can also affect the electronic appliance that run with water in the house. You can also call the water department who will check the pressure for no charges.
• Worn ball cock assembly in the toilet: This can be the case if the noise comes after you flush the toilet. The ballcock assembly regulates the refiling of toilet after you empty it. You can repair it or replace it.
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