Small Bathroom Sink

Small Bathroom SinkTo have a tiny bath space is nothing new for people who have a small living space. But the challenge is to live comfortably in that tiny bath space. It depends on the layout and the fixtures that you choose for your bathroom. Sometimes with the incorrect layout, it might be quite difficult to squeeze in a powder room, on the contrary if you have the right kind of design and layout even a powder room can be converted to a full-size bath space. There are various bathroom fixtures like small bathroom sinks that could make your bathroom look spacious. However, always keep in mind that all fixtures ..More

How To Unclog A Drain

How To Unclog A DrainA not-running drain in the bathroom or kitchen brings our day-to-day chores to standstill. No matter how busy y you are in other work, you drop it and rush to fix the issue. A nonworking drain floods the floor, makes the area stinky. and also renders your kitchen or bathroom completely useless. Here are some tips to unclog a drain- Boiling Water Let’s begin with a mild blockage. If you feel that your drain is running slowly, you can simply pour hot and scalding water through it. Remember, if ..More

Types Of Water Heater

Types Of Water HeaterWhen choosing a new water heater for the house, the selection should be done on the basis of two criteria - the heater should be able to meet the hot water requirement of the house and it should also be an energy saving unit. Let’s take a look at different types of water heaters available in the market-Storage Water Heaters This is the oldest model in water heaters. The device has an insulated tank. When you power it on, the water is heated and stored in the tank. When you run your faucet, the hot water emerges thr ..More

Modern Bathroom Vanity

Modern Bathroom VanityBathrooms or bath spaces are the best places to feel rejuvenated at the end of the day or right at the beginning of the day. So, it is important that you have a bathroom that is as per your preference. Along with the bathroom design it is necessary that all your bathroom fixtures clearly echoes your likes and dislikes. Depending on whether you like a modern look or a contemporary look you will have to choose your bathroom vanity. If you have preference for a bath space that is cohesive and sleek, it is recommended that you opt for a modern looking bathroom. And as you go for a modern layout ..More

Common Toilet Problems

Common Toilet ProblemsA household toilet can be wreaked with a slew of problems. Let’s take a look into them and their respective causes. But before we do that let’s know how a toilet works. When you flush a toilet, there is a chain that lifts up the flapper valve. The water then goes through the flush valve that opens into the toilet bowl. This water forces waste water in the toilet bowl through the trap and into the main drain. Now that the tank is empty, the flapper valve closes. The fill valve that has the ballcock opens up to refill the tank. When the tank is full, the float ball shuts off the f ..More

Pot Filler Faucet

Pot Filler FaucetBefore we get into the details of a pot filler faucet, the first thing that we need to know what is a pot filler faucet? Pot filler faucet is nothing but is a swing out faucet on a long jointed arm, mounted over the stove. As far as pot filler faucet is considered one should keep in mind that the location of the faucet is very critical. If the faucet position is not correct it might end up being too low or too high and may not be a proper fit right against the wall. However, it is recommended that when you are installing a pot filler faucet you should keep in mind the height of your cook-top and ..More

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