Small Bathroom Sink

Small Bathroom SinkTo have a tiny bath space is nothing new for people who have a small living space. But the challenge is to live comfortably in that tiny bath space. It depends on the layout and the fixtures that you choose for your bathroom. Sometimes with the incorrect layout, it might be quite difficult to squeeze in a powder room, on the contrary if you have the right kind of design and layout even a powder room can be converted to a full-size bath space. There are various bathroom fixtures like small bathroom sinks that could make your bathroom look spacious. However, always keep in mind that all fixtures ..More

How To Unclog Kitchen Drains

How To Unclog Kitchen Drains?Well, clogged kitchen drains are no surprise in any home. They often occur overflowing the kitchen floor and making your pantry stinky. At most times we try to unclog it with plungers. In more serious cases a plumber is called who uses various tools to remove the bottleneck. However you should know that there is a remedy to this. If you often encounter the problem of slow moving kitchen drain, try it out. A simple mixture of vinegar and baking soda can bail you out of this situation. • To begin with pour a pot of boiling hot water d ..More

Pedestal Sinks

Pedestal SinksA pedestal sink is perfectly suited for bathrooms where space is a constraint. These sinks free up a lot of bathroom space. A vessel sink or other sink type sits on a bathroom vanity that is meant for storage. A bathroom sink has two parts the bowl and the column on which it sits. If you are going to replace your vanity sink with pedestal one, plan as to how you would compensate for the loss of storage space. You can use mounted shelves on the walls. The pedestal sink will not provide lots of space on it to keep things. However, you may be able to fit a soap dish or a tooth brush case on it. Before ..More


DisposerFood disposers have become a homeowner’s best friend in the kitchen as it has made their job much less demanding. It is fitted under your sink. As you throw your food waste into it, they are crushed into liquid form which is drained through your pipes without clogging. Now how to buy a quality disposer? Well, here are the tips- • Always look for a disposer that has a powerful motor. The motor should be of 1/2 or 3/4 horsepower (hp). A 1.0 hp motor is even better. It is a powerful motor that will run the impeller to crush hard and tough food parti ..More

Modern Bathroom Vanity

Modern Bathroom VanityBathrooms or bath spaces are the best places to feel rejuvenated at the end of the day or right at the beginning of the day. So, it is important that you have a bathroom that is as per your preference. Along with the bathroom design it is necessary that all your bathroom fixtures clearly echoes your likes and dislikes. Depending on whether you like a modern look or a contemporary look you will have to choose your bathroom vanity. If you have preference for a bath space that is cohesive and sleek, it is recommended that you opt for a modern looking bathroom. And as you go for a modern layout ..More

Pot Filler Faucet

Pot Filler FaucetBefore we get into the details of a pot filler faucet, the first thing that we need to know what is a pot filler faucet? Pot filler faucet is nothing but is a swing out faucet on a long jointed arm, mounted over the stove. As far as pot filler faucet is considered one should keep in mind that the location of the faucet is very critical. If the faucet position is not correct it might end up being too low or too high and may not be a proper fit right against the wall. However, it is recommended that when you are installing a pot filler faucet you should keep in mind the height of your cook-top and ..More

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