Pot Filler Faucet

Pot Filler FaucetBefore we get into the details of a pot filler faucet, the first thing that we need to know what is a pot filler faucet? Pot filler faucet is nothing but is a swing out faucet on a long jointed arm, mounted over the stove. As far as pot filler faucet is considered one should keep in mind that the location of the faucet is very critical. If the faucet position is not correct it might end up being too low or too high and may not be a proper fit right against the wall. However, it is recommended that when you are installing a pot filler faucet you should keep in mind the height of your cook-top and ..More

Slop Sink

Slop SinkSlop sinks seems to be a useful feature in your kitchen. This is because if you have invested in a stylish kitchen sink, it is obvious that you will not like to clean paint brushes or muddy clothes in it. For that you will require a different kind of sink and this is where slop sinks are greatly useful. Slop sinks or utility sinks are used for cleaning of things that can have stubborn dirt or paint which might alter the color of your kitchen sink. To put it simply, slop sinks are a lot sturdier than the common sinks which are used in the kitchen. Slop sinks ..More


DisposerFood disposers have become a homeowner’s best friend in the kitchen as it has made their job much less demanding. It is fitted under your sink. As you throw your food waste into it, they are crushed into liquid form which is drained through your pipes without clogging. Now how to buy a quality disposer? Well, here are the tips- • Always look for a disposer that has a powerful motor. The motor should be of 1/2 or 3/4 horsepower (hp). A 1.0 hp motor is even better. It is a powerful motor that will run the impeller to crush hard and tough food parti ..More

Sump Pump Battery Backup

Sump Pump Battery BackupA house that suffers even small scale flooding of the basement or crawl space should have a sump pump. Wet basements and crawl spaces can do irretrievable damage to your house. Your house will get infested with mold and mildew and be an unhealthy place to live in. The structure of the house will also deteriorate as the wooden structures will be affected due to moisture. The resale value of the house will come down. A sum pump is an electrical pump that is fitted in a pit at the lowest point of the basement. This is to allow the water to flow naturally towards the pit. The job of this pump ..More

Pedestal Sinks

Pedestal SinksA pedestal sink is perfectly suited for bathrooms where space is a constraint. These sinks free up a lot of bathroom space. A vessel sink or other sink type sits on a bathroom vanity that is meant for storage. A bathroom sink has two parts the bowl and the column on which it sits. If you are going to replace your vanity sink with pedestal one, plan as to how you would compensate for the loss of storage space. You can use mounted shelves on the walls. The pedestal sink will not provide lots of space on it to keep things. However, you may be able to fit a soap dish or a tooth brush case on it. Before ..More

Vessel Sinks

Vessel SinksThe vessel sinks are a break from the typical model of sinks that are encased in a cabinet. The free-standing sinks look modern, sleek, and fashionable in a bathroom. As the walls of the sinks are exposed just like a bowl sitting on a table, the sides are decorated. The vessel sink also comes in variety of style. You can chose from traditional, cutting-edge, whimsical, elegant, or contemporary models that best go with your bathroom. The history of the vessel sink can be traced back into ancient China where such vessel-looing washbasins were used with a typical sidekick, the pitcher. ..More

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